1087 displaced peoples returned to their areas in Nineveh

18/2/2019 18:19:00

Thousands of displaced families in the ministry's camps south of Mosul continue to return to their homes in the center, districts and villages of Nineveh province.


"The displaced return voluntarily according to their wishes without forcing them to leave the camps forcibly," said Starr Nawroz, Director General of the Branch Affairs Department at the ministry. "Around 1087 displaced people have left the camps in the past two days, And Al-Alil bath, returning to their original areas of residence in the areas of Sharkat, Hadar, Ajaj, Tall Afar, Tall Ibtah, Mahlabiyah, Adush, Qush, Rabia, Zammar, Hamaydat, Shangal, Al-Qaraj, Makhmour and Qayyarah.


He added that the return of displaced families continues in coordination and cooperation with the security authorities in the province and the ministries concerned and the provision of buses to return to the areas of origin, as well as the distribution of food baskets to the displaced.






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