President Salih: the triumph achieved by Iraqis over ISIS drew the attention of the world

18/2/2019 17:51:00

President Barham Salih highlighted the need to strengthen bilateral relations and open new horizons for economic and trade cooperation between Iraq and Belgium in the interest of the two friendly peoples.

His Excellency received Mr. Alexander De Croo, the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad on Monday, February 18, 2019. 


Mr. De Croo conveyed an official invitation to President Barham Salih to visit Belgium and the European Union headquarters. His Excellency promised to meet the invitation in due course.

The President indicated that the triumph achieved by Iraqis over the terrorist organization of ISIS has drawn the attention of the political and popular circles in the world. 


President Salih valued the role of the international coalition and its contribution to the elimination of terrorism.

His Excellency added that the post-ISIS phase needs intensive efforts by all.


President Barham Salih called on the international community to stand by Iraq and assist the country in restoring its infrastructure, notably the affected cities, and the need to pursue programs and development plans in cooperation with the United Nations to improve the status of these cities. 


For his part, Mr. De Croo and his accompanying delegation commended the victories achieved against the terrorist organizations, and emphasized his country's keenness to support Iraq in all areas. 




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