15 human trafficking networks detected in Baghdad

17/2/2019 13:39:00

The Iraqi Observatory for Victims of Human Trafficking revealed on Sunday 15 human trafficking networks in Baghdad and the provinces that recruit women and exploit the elderly, the disabled and under-age.


According to a report by the Observatory which PUKmedia obtained a copy of it, "It documented the victims of human trafficking between 20 December 2018 and 30 January 2019, which numbered 15 human trafficking networks in Baghdad and a number of governorates, , And the exploitation of the elderly and people with disabilities in the phenomenon of begging intersections and markets, as well as the trade of human organs and the smuggling of foreign labor."


The report noted: "Most crimes of human trafficking in all forms are carried out through pages and groups run by fictitious accounts on the platforms of social communication almost freely."


In Baghdad, the Observatory documented the existence of a human trafficking network that hunts its victims through social networking sites, exploiting their physical destitution.


The Observatory also documented two human trafficking networks claiming to have offices in Baghdad and Erbil, which later turned out to be fake and non-existent offices. They employ foreign workers (male and female) from Uganda, Tanzania, India and Bangladesh to illegally enter Baghdad. The Observatory with a Bangladeshi worker who fled Iraq to Turkey after escaping from an office belongs to an Iraqi politician because of his abuse and robbery of his financial rights.


The Observatory also documented the existence of four networks in Basra governorate, where older persons and persons with disabilities are exploited to beg the public streets and intersections without taking into account the health and humanitarian situation of the victims. They are forced to work for long hours of up to 10 hours on a daily basis. Food and drink until the end of their hours in the street.


While the network of human trafficking in the province of Dhi Qar to catch children and boys and their exploitation in the practice of sodomy for money up to $ 200 per day, while another network to attract adolescents under the age of the law from outside the province to practice sodomy.


The Iraqi Observatory for Victims of Human Trafficking renews its call to the competent and competent authorities to exert greater efforts to reduce these crimes, address their causes, provide safe havens for victims, activate the role of the Supreme Central Committee against Trafficking in Human Beings and provincial subcommittees, Human Rights No. 28 of 2012 and the imposition of the most severe penalties for all those involved in these crimes.






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