"Kurdistan Region in the file of the Turkish policy" in Kurdistani New

17/2/2019 13:18:00


On Sunday 17-2-2019, A symposium was held in the Salon of the newspaper (Kurdistani Nwe) for the writer and journalist Khalaf Ghafour, where the focus of the discussion was on the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey.


The seminar, entitled to "Kurdistan Region in the Turkish Politics File", which was attended by a number of writers, journalists and political figures.


The writer and journalist Khalaf Ghafur said during the seminar to the modern history of the Turkish Republic and Turkey's relations with the Kurdistan Region and the level of trade exchange between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey and relations, where the writer believes that the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey are commercial relations and security and not political relations and diplomacy.


He said that the talk about the status of the Kurds in the era of former Turkish President Turkut Ozal appeared clearly and in the era of Erdogan was opened the floor of the Kurds before Turkey changed its policy to the Kurdish issue during the past years.


At the end of the seminar, the audience presented their observations on their subjects and copies of the book "No Time for Laughing" were distributed by the writer and journalist Khalaf Ghafur.



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