IHCHR reveals the casualties from the International Coalition’s bombarding

16/2/2019 12:09:00

Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights said that the number of civilian casualties caused by the bombing of the international coalition to fight the ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria has reached 20,000 in the past four years.

Ali Akram al-Bayati, member of the High Commission for Human Rights, said in a statement: At the meaning time we appreciate the efforts of all parties involved in helping Iraq in its fight against terrorism and we appreciate the sacrifices they made, including the international coalition to fight ISIS. All these efforts contributed to defeating terrorism and ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. We are concerned about the existence of official international reports of the number of Iraq and Syria’s casualties reaching to 20 thousand people dead and wounded, as these reports mention that the real casualties’ number of aerial bombardment carried out by the International Coalition in the past four years amounted to approximately to the death of 11,800 civilians, including 2,300 children and 1130 women in addition to 8000 wounded.

He added that this numbers are much more radical and differs from the official numbers published by the International Coalition, which was officially announced, and it is 1139 civilians, and that the number is true, it refers to clear violations of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention, which requires all warring parties to abide by safety standards and maintain Civilians and their protection in war.

He said: "We call upon the international coalition to fight ISIS to clarify the truth of these figures, because the number of figures is much higher than the official numbers of the coalition. We also demand the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces to form a committee of the concerned authorities in the Iraqi government with the membership of the High Commission for Human Rights, as an observer to ascertain the real number of the victims.

He added that the Iraqi government is also concerned to demand compensation for the victims and their families from the parties and the causative states. International humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention and its additional protocols oblige all countries and warring parties to preserve the lives of civilians in war. It also requires the search for people who violate these conventions and human rights in war and conflict. And bring them to justice irrespective of their nationality and affiliation.

He continued: We call on all casualties and their families who were killed by the bombing of the International Coalition to review the offices of the Office of the Human Rights to document the numbers and follow-up legal procedures for their rights.



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