Terrorist organization of ISIS depends on women in recruitment

11/2/2019 23:22:00

The Fatwa Observatory and the hard-line views of the Egyptian Fatwa House issued a report on the role of women in reviving recruitment operations in the organization of ISIS, after the defeats suffered in Syria and Iraq, and the escape of many of its elements and the its execution of many of its fighters in recent times.


Where the fate of hundreds of women in the organization is unknown. However, the ongoing monitoring of the organization's activity has revealed recently that there is support from women's groups in southern Syria and Iraq by participating in the recruitment of new fighters and supporters of the organization and participants in combat operations.


 The report said that the organization "ISIS" is one of the most terrorist organizations that succeeded in attracting the female element among its elements and relied on them in the recruitment of new fighters.


In Syria, the organization recently used the female component through social networking platforms to recruit more women by providing a speech and a media article calling for "the support of Islam and Muslims" through support for the state of the "Succession".


 At the current stage of the organization's existence, the role of women has been limited to blogging processes through media platforms, speaking of the virtue of immigration and its need, and the importance of joining it. This information included what women should bring with them to go to the "Succession" state, and what form of daily life for women joining the organization.


The Observatory pointed out in its report that the organization "ISIS" worked on the use of the strategy of "Al Qaeda" in the exploitation of women to disseminate its extremist ideology among other women elements, in addition to using women in promoting the propaganda of its ideas on ​​"succession".


Since the end of 2017, the organization announced in one of its publications that "Jihad against the enemies" is a duty for women, and produced propaganda images of women fighting in the battles, and these publications have an impact on the role played by women within the organization; proportion of fatwas that promote the female component in the organization since 2018 has reached 60% and it required women to participate in the support of the state "succession".


 According to the report, the organization's return to rely on women for recruitment is due to several reasons, but their ability to move without security restrictions is hindering the terrorist operations, especially since the depending of terrorist organizations on women in terrorist operations was not known for a long time, in addition to women being able to The dissemination of extremist ideology more.


The depending of the organization on women means the reintroduction of the concept of "familyterrorism", and thus the organization expands the recruitment of more people. In October last year, the Independent reported that a woman carrying a child blew herself up at a security checkpoint in Mosul. In October 2018, a woman A supporter of ISIS blew herself up with a bomb in the Tunisian capital Tunis in the street Habib Bourguiba in the center of the city; which led to the injury of about 15 people.


 "The organization is currently trying to train women to deal with explosives, prepare them to travel to Europe. The role of women in recruiting extremists is not only based on spreading ideas, but also on women's ability to attract and influence young people to join the organization," said the observatory. 


 The report said women in ISIS are likely to play a strong role in preserving the organization's legacy and ideas, especially as the female component accounts for about 25 percent of the organization's fighters from 2013 to 2018.






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