An agreement between al-Fatah and al-Saairun to reject foreign forces in Iraq

11/2/2019 17:26:00

The head of the negotiating delegation of the alliance of Saairun, Nasar al-Rubaie on Monday, 11/2/2019, announced the agreement of Fatah Alliance and alliance of Saairun to reject the presence of any foreign forces on Iraqi territory. The head of Fatah alliance, Hadi al-Amiri also pointed out that the presence of US forces in Iraq needs a new agreement.


al-Rubaie said in a joint news conference with al-Amiri after the meeting: "We agreed at today's meeting not to accept the presence of any foreign troops in Iraq. We also discussed naming the presidencies of the parliamentary committees and the stability of local governments, and we discussed the file of services where this file was the main focus of the meeting today, and we stressed that providing services to citizens is the basic criterion for the success of the government. "


He added that "treaties concluded with other international parties do not mean their staying indefinitely, but are worked with and prepared and adjusted according to circumstances and developments. We have said that the staying of foreign forces depends on what the government declares about the need for the staying of advisers, experts or others. "


For his part, al-Amiri said that "the American presence in accordance with the strategic framework agreement depends on the request of Iraq in the case of an attack from other hostile parties, but we would like to make it clear that it is important that the staying of foreign and US forces need a new agreement because the existing forces are not justified to stay after leaving Iraq in 2011 which means the end of the previous agreement. "







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