More than one million people in Iraq are unemployed

9/2/2019 13:47:00

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs announced the number of unemployed people in Iraq.

On Saturday, 9/2/2019, the Iraqi News Agency reported that the Minister of Labor, Bassem al-Rubaie quoted "The number of unemployed people registered in the centers of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs reached more than one million and 150 thousand unemployed," adding that "the ministry studied the reasons for this increase has been found that the problem is in support of the private sector."

For his part, Professor of Economics, Dr. Nabil Marsoumi, said that the issued number of the ministry is inaccurate, noting that there are more than 5 million unemployed in Iraq.

Dr. Al-Marsoumi told PUKmedia that there are several reasons for the high number of unemployed people in the country, including economic and political ones, pointing out that the absence of strategic development projects is one of the prominent reasons for the high rate of unemployment in Iraq.

Dr. Al-Marsoumi pointed out that due to the absence of development projects, the number will increase in the coming years, pointing out that foreign labor is also one of the reasons for increasing unemployment, pointing out that 87% of workers in economic projects are foreign workers.

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