Anniversary of Mam Jalal's historical pleading

9/2/2019 09:58:00

Jalal Talabani has caused controversy in Kirkuk with his plan to re-draw the disputed administrative borders of the provinces.

Talabani proposed canceling all decrees of the former regime concerning administrative borders of cities and towns and returning them to what they were before 1968 when the Baath Party came to power in Iraq.

The Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Jalal Talabani during a meeting of Iraqi Governing Council on February 9, 2004, said the City of Kirkuk is an undivided part of Kurdistan Region and its border starts from Hamreen Mountains.

The President gave a document to prove the truth of his speeches about Kurdistan. Raising the evidence is now considered as a historical event for the people of Kurdistan and no one could deny this truths.

Talabani asked the members of the Governing Council to cooperate in order to restore the rights for the Kurds and Turkmen in the city of Kirkuk who were displaced by Sadam Hussein's Baath regime.



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