President of the Republic stresses the need to unify the visions between the political forces

30/1/2019 15:02:00

President Barham Salih highlighted the importance of unifying visions among the political forces on the developments in local and regional situations.


His Excellency received Mr. Nouri al-Maliki, Head of State of Law Coalition, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, Wednesday, January 30, 2019.


The President emphasized the need for joint action to support the government program in a way that enhances stability and prosperity in the country.


For his part, Mr. al-Maliki asserted the importance of coordinating positions among all parties to achieve stability and reconstruction and to promote the national unity.


The Head State of Law Coalition praised the efforts of the President to converge views among political parties.


During the meeting, they discussed the completion of the ministerial formation and the remarks raised on the adoption of the general budget as well as the political and security developments.





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