The problem of Kirkuk's agricultural land will be solved

30/1/2019 10:34:00

On Wednesday, January 30, 2019, an important meeting is scheduled to be held in Baghdad to discuss the problem of agricultural land in the cut-off areas.


An MP on the bloc of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Dilan Ghafur said during a special statement to PUKmedia: ''A meeting will be held with the presence of deputies of Kirkuk, the representative of the President of the Republic, the relevant ministries, the representatives of the Arab and Turkmen components, and the Federal Court to discuss the problem of agricultural land in the disputed areas.''


He added that this problem was supposed to be dealt with in accordance with Article 140 of the Constitution and that the return of rights to their original owners, but unfortunately this problem is still lingering, so there are efforts by the President of the Republic of Kurdish Representatives to reach a solution to the issue of agricultural land.


She explained that today's meeting is the second meeting that will discuss the problem of agricultural land, and she was noting that there are decisions issued by the Federal Court on this problem and ways to address them.


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