A Kurdish couple to have ‘amazing Christmas’ after 6/49 win of nearly $8 million

19/12/2018 16:52:00

A Kurdish couple living in Canada received an early Christmas present when they discovered they won $7.9 million on a lottery ticket.


Nabi Kurdistan and Tawfik Sindy in Kitchener city in Canada were at the store where they purchased the winning ticket Sunday when they scanned it, and were delighted by the results.


“We scanned our Lotto 6/49 ticket while we were there and when we saw the words ‘Big Winner,’ we were in shock,” Tawfik said.


The big win turned out to be $7,935,986.70 in total.


“It’s going to be an amazing Christmas,” said Kurdistan, who along with her husband owns a bakery in Kitchener.


The pair plan to share their winnings with their six children, upgrade their vehicles, pay some bills and maybe take a trip.


“Also, we haven’t been back home for a while so we are planning to take a trip to Kurdistan,” Nabi said.


“We haven’t slept since we found out we won. Once we get our cheque in the bank, we’ll be much better,” Tawfik said.



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