Daesh terrorists commit a new massacre

19/12/2018 12:15:00

Daesh terrorists have committed another massacre in addition to a series of crimes against humanity and executed 700 prisoners in eastern Syria near the Iraqi border.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement: The Observatory received assurances from dozens of security sources and residents that Daesh terrorists executed more than 700 prisoners, who were arrested on various charges, including security officers and those who tried to flee his areas of control. The executions took place inside the headquarters of the terrorist organization and in the villages of Al-Shafa, Al-Sousse, Al-Babouz, Abu-Hassan, Boubadran, Al-Marashdeh, Shajala, Al-Kashmah, Al-Safia and Bukhater suburbs in the east of Hajin, located on the banks of the eastern Euphrates.


The same sources confirmed that the terrorist organization deliberately transferred 350 to 400 detainees and kidnapped him through the Euphrates River to his pocket in the towns of Homs and Deir ez-Zor in the west of the Euphrates river, in addition to releasing hundreds of others who were detained, the sources of the Syrian Observatory confirmed that the terrorist organization had intended to bury the bodies of its victims in mass graves, in the presence of a number of people who had been arrested or executed within its controlled areas.





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