Greece: Syriza Party received PUK’s representative

7/11/2018 00:05:00

PUK’s representative in Greece was received by the ruling party of Greece.


On Tuesday 6-11-2018, PUK’s media office stated:  Rawa Hamma, PUK’s representative in Greece was received by the Member of Political secretariat of Syriza Party and the new official of Foreign Relations Office Theodore Akopolo Anastasia and Foreign Political Official of Syriza Party, Ectarios Bugdanis at the official Syriza party’s headquarter in Athens.


During the 1 hour meeting, Rawa Hamma congratulated Ms. Anastasia for her appointment as the Head of the Foreign Relations Office; meanwhile Ms. Anastasia hoped her new responsibility would be a factor to strengthen their relations with the Kurdistan region in general and especially with the PUK.


For his part Rawa Hamma invited Syriza’s delegation to visit the Kurdistan region to discuss latest developments in the Kurdistan region.


Another axis of the meeting was the latest changes in Iraq and the Kurdistan region, and they discussed opening of general consulate of Greece in the capital of Erbil, for that PUK’s representative expressed PUK’s readiness to cooperate on various matters and the goal from this is to strengthen the relations between Athens and Erbil.


On her part, Ms. Anastasia pledged to discuss the suggestion of PUK’s representative and to decide on it later on for their decision to be on good terms for both sides. 


Syriza party congratulated PUK on their succession wins in the Council of Representatives and Kurdistan Parliament. Syriza also congratulated President Dr. Barham Salih on his assumption for the President of Iraq’s post who has been elected by majority of Parliamentarians’’ votes in a democratic process, and wished him success and happiness in his work.



PUKmedia Greece 


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