Do we really want to move on?

28/10/2018 19:05:00

We are hearing a lot about health services that is poor. We read about the education system that is way behind everywhere else. We also see on Tv, radio or social media that the services are below the standard and are not meeting the demands.


I am not qualified to talk about all those public sector services. However, I am to some degree, able to say something about the state of education in this region which I am part of it.


Sometimes ago someone asked me to write an action plan for opening a new school. The school was a private English to meet the demands and needs of the area. There is a big demand for English schools in this region as parents want their children to have a better slice of the cake as they think that public schools do not offer that taste. My piece contained 32 points of action that was necessary to have for any successful school to maintain good existence at least and provide outstanding education for the children. I moved on from that, thinking that the proprietor had taken my point on and used them in their administration and management of their school. 


Four years later, it was discovered that the population of the school was twice the expected numbers and the quality of teaching was not something that you wanted to write home about. I began to question myself and my action plan. Later, it was revealed that the plan was abandoned as the demand on English school education was huge. Profit came first of course.


I was disappointed to a point that making money over proper education process. Owners can still make their profits while the education is still outstanding and meet the needs of all children. Private education is available everywhere. Most of the schools in the golf countries are private and they are delivering the best education. The best schools in the western Europe that deliver excellent teaching and results are the private independent schools. Each of those schools put the education and children’s learning above everything else. 


I am not going to list all those points as in my action plan and will leave that for the school owners to pursue them; but will mention just few:


Development plan - School development planning is a strategic plan for improvement which every school should have one to be ahead of itself by at least three years. This, to plan for the future development and stick to it. Here schools should look at all those areas that they want to improve on and develop while they think ahead. A strategic plan emphasises that school improvement is first and foremost the responsibility of the school. It is based on the premise that schools themselves are best placed to identify areas for improvement and to implement changes that can bring about better outcomes for students.


Vision and mission of the school – No school is successful without knowing their directions and ambitions. To achieve those goals of success and outstanding achievements, schools should have in their plans their vision that what they want to get for their children. It is not just the results but fruitful outcomes as leaders of education with brilliant knowledge. The young people who graduate from that school should be the future cream of the crop. Every person in that school should carry forward the vison and mission and walk through all obstacles while managing challenges.


Performance management – Evaluating staff performance is the key to reaching better outcomes as long as it is positively used within the school improvement plan. The results should be used to train staff and improve weak performances. Successful staff who perform brilliantly should be rewarded and coach the less successful ones. Performance management policy is used to strengthen the management and leadership of the school with an effective cohort of staff. 


Induction programme – This is an important element of any successful school that regrow wealth among its staff. New staff need regular training and introduction of existing points of education and schooling. Other staff need regular training on any new policies and points that show up in this twenty first century. 


Do we really want to move on? I think we do and there are plenty of rooms for improvements. It should be about educating the whole body; each child should completely move on from one year to another with effective and outstanding teaching and learning programme.  If each school has the (proper) action plans in place, then I am sure we effectively do. 



Abdulla Almudaris | PUKmedia 



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