The Essen Festival of Kurdish Poetry awards its prize to an Afrinian

21/10/2018 13:35:00

The Essen Festival of Kurdish Poetry, which opens on Sunday in Essen, Germany, and will give its prize for this year to a poet from the city of Afrin.


The festival is held annually since 2011 by the General Federation of Kurdish Writers and Journalists in Germany - Essen.


The poet and novelist Ibrahim Youssuf told PUKmedia: "Initially the festival was held in cooperation with the Nubhar Association, adding that two years ago it was being held in cooperation with the Helen Society in Essen itself, pointing out the participation of another party of writers' association this year in the festival, which is the Kurdistan Writers Association of Syria and there is a great desire of poets in the posts".


Youssuf explained: "The number of participants this year has been reduced to about 22 poets, and the festival is held every year on the occasion of the day of Kurdish poetry on the anniversary of the departure of the great Kurdish poet Jgarkhwen."


He added that a Kurdish poet from Afrin will be honored at this year's festival, and that three writers will be awarded certificates of appreciation: authors Anayet Deco and Qado Shirin, who are the first to hold the festival on behalf of the Association of Kurdish Writers and Journalists in Syria in April 2016 within the conference of the Association held in the city of Essen, Germany. "


Youssuf also said: "Another poet will be awarded a certificate of appreciation, Abdul Karim Farman, one of the early members of the Association, and he writes poetry in Kurdish since the seventies and participated in many poetic seminars at home and abroad."



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