A Kurdish sculptor recreate the lost sculptures while World War Two

11/6/2018 18:59:00

Shwan Kamal, which is one of the most famous Kurdish sculptor and artist that his works show in different countries, in a way that those sculptures that lost during the second world war, he will make them again and they would be put in the public places around the world, his name will be inscribed on the sculptures and this is proud for Kurds that they have such an artist that remake the famous and important sculptures around the world.

In a statement to PUKmedia, Shwan said: I have made ancient sculptures for the first time in Iraq and Kurdistan even the Arab nations in Germany and Sweden in the public parks and places, I have made nearly 10 huge sculptures, the way of making the sculptures and their stories I have talked about it many times in press and my debates, and they are all available on YouTube and Internet, the reason that they gave such sculptures to me to make for them is because of my being expert and professionality in sculpture art,  “this is while they have looked up for an expert sculptor and they chose me.” He said.

About his works in Kurdistan, he said that after the revolution he had made some sculptures to the Kurdistan cities in a high-level art at that time, and the last former president Jalal Talabani estimated his works.


These are some samples of his works below:






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