Kurdistan Parliament fails to convene the emergency meeting for lack of quorum

19/8/2015 14:13:00
     Kurdistan Parliament fails to convene the emergency meeting

 The main Kurdish parties in Kurdistan held a meeting in the Erbil city last night to resolve the presidency of the region’s issue, and the meeting lasted for several hours.

The meeting was headed by United States and Britain delegation, who have called the Kurdish parties to reach consensus on the presidency of the region.

The legal deadline Masoud Barzani to head the region ends on Wednesday.
Kurdistan Democratic Party requested the extension for two years, while other political parties insist on regime change in Kurdistan to Parliamentary and reducing the powers of the president of the region.
The meeting called for the postponement of the parliamentary emergency session scheduled for Wednesday and devoted to the discuss modifying the law of the presidency.
But Kurdistan Parliament held on Wednesday 19th August 2015, an emergency session on the amendment of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region Law.

Goran Azad member of the Green bloc in the Parliament of Kurdistan in a statement told PUKmedia that the parliament holds emergency meeting today for the second reading of the law of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, adding, that the green Bloc with a emergency session.

He added that all deputies in the Green bloc will attend today's meeting, adding that the postponement of the hearing or the lack thereof is the prerogative of the President of the Parliament of Kurdistan.
Kurdistan Parliament failed to convene the emergency meeting called by its Speaker, Yusuf Mohammed for lack of quorum.
Only 53 MPs attended the emergency session, where the required quorum is 56.
He said that 24 members of Change movement, 18 from PUK, 6 from the Islamic Group and 5 from the Islamic Union attended.
Not achieving a quorum because Kurdistan Democratic Party members and representatives of the Turkmen and Christian parties as well as small blocs in addition to five members of the Islamic Union didn’t attend.

Goran stressed that the Speaker parliament delayed the meeting for another hour until achieving a quorum.
The political blocs have called in the meeting ended at dawn today to postpone the parliamentary session for next Sunday, which was rejected by the Speaker of Parliament.

PUKmedia by K.A


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