Mohamed Pasha Jaff statue unveiled in Mexico City

4/8/2014 15:57:00
     Mohamed Pasha Jaff statue unveiled in Mexico City

Last Friday, August 1, 2014, the unveiling of statue of Mohamed Pasha Jaff was placed in Mexico City, Mexico in the area 'Bosques de las Lomas'. The event of the statue was an audience of more then 500 people with Mexican politicians, celebrities, and Jaff family members. The statue is placed in a street where thousands of Mexicans walk and drive by it everyday and will now know about Kurdistan. The statue was donated to Mexico City as an educational purpose   for Kurdish awareness to Mexican people and Latin America. First the statue was at the Cultural Museum of Tlalpan in Mexico City, with an exhibition of Mohamed Pasha Jaff biography and Kurdistan history. There is a replica in Kalar, Kurdistan at Sherwana Castle.
Biography- Mohamed Pasha Jaff, a Kurdish king that was born in 18 century, that was considered the supreme leader of the Jaff tribe and of the region. The Sherwana Castle located in Kalar Kurdistan was built by him. Mohamed Pasha Jaff, prominent and beloved by his struggle to defend human rights. A great leader of the Kurdish history, who received the noble title of Pasha by the Ottoman Empire. He was a peacemaker and successfully unified several clans in Kurdistan. He was born in the eighteenth century, and developed strong leadership among the Kurdish tribes and clans; one of the most powerful of his time. Loved by the people and daily would feed and help the less fortunate. At 20 years old he settled in Sherwana Castle in Kalar region in Iraqi Kurdistan. His determination to protect Jaff tribes led several clashes in Iran and Turkey. The Jaff tribe still exists today, and has three million people. Man of strong convictions and great love for knowledge, sent various explorations to America Mohamed Pasha Jaff is considered one of the most important Pasha’s in the history of Kurdistan.



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