Kurdistan Parliament approves new KRG Cabinet

18/6/2014 18:21:00
     Kurdistan Parliament approves new KRG Cabinet

The Kurdistan Parliament today approved the new Kurdistan Regional Government cabinet.
The members of the 8th Cabinet sworn into posts today are:
Prime Minister- Nechirvan Barzani 
Deputy Prime Minister- Qubad Jalal Talabani
Minister of Health- Rekawt Hama Rasheed
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research- Dr. Yousf Guran
Minister of Reconstruction Darbaz Abdulla Rasul
Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs- Mahmud Salih Kareem
Minister of Culture and Youth- Khalid Abdel Rahman Ahmed Muhammad Doski
Minister of Interior- Abdel Kareem Sultan Abdulla
Minister of Planning- Ali Haji Othman Badri Sndi
Minister of Natural Resources- Abdulla Abdel Rahman Abdulla
Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation- Abdel Sattar Majeed Qadir
Minister of Finance- Rebaz Muhammad Abdullah
Minister of Electricity- Salahden Babkr Muhammad Sulaimani
Minister of Trade and Industry- Samal Sardar
Minister of Religious Endowments-  Kamal Muslim
Minister of Municipalities- Nawruz Mawlood Muhammad
Minister of Justice – Sinan Abdel Khaliq Ahmed Chalabi
Minister of Education- Pishtewan Salih Abdullah
Minister of Peshmerga- Mustafa Qadir Mustafa
Minister of Transport and Communication- Jhonson Seyaiwsh
Head of Kurdish areas outside Kurdistan Region borders Fatih Muhammad Sulaiman Ahmed
Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Nasraden Saeed Mustafa
Minister of Region Mawlod Bawa Murad
Minister of Region for Parliament Affairs Muhammad Hawdiyani


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