KRG Cabinet discusses results of dialogue with the Federal Government

The Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers will hold its regular meeting on Wednesday to discuss the results of the dialogues with the federal government.


Samir Hawrami, spokesman for the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Qubad Talabani said in a statement to PUKmedia: "The Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers will hold its regular meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister of the KRG Masrour Barzani, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, and Qubad Talabani."


"The meeting will discuss the results of dialogues with the federal government on the preparation of the draft federal budget law for 2020 and the problems facing the electricity sector," he added.


Dialogues between the KRG and the ...
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A Kurdish man murdered in Nashville

Kurdish man Nashwan Malaka was fatally shot inside the Newroz Market on Elysian Fields Court where he worked Thursday night in south Nashville.


The 32-year-old father of two ...

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