Faili confirms the depth of relations between the PUK and the National Wisdom

Sheikh Hamid al-Mu'alla, Secretary General of the Political Body of the National Wisdom Movement, received Saadun Faili, the official of the National Relations Office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Baghdad.


At the beginning of the meeting, Sheikh Mu'alla welcomed Mr. Saadun Faili, stressing the depth of the struggle relation between the National Wisdom Movement and the Al-Hakim family and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which the late Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir Al-Hakim and President Mam Jalal Talabani laid its foundation.


For his part, Faili thanked Sheikh Mu'alla and expressed his happiness for this meeting.


The two sides discussed the current situation in the country in light of the popular protests, stressi...
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