Hakim Qadr: We will guide the Patriotic Union to a successful conference

The Governor Qadir Hama Jan, a member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, met on Monday 19/8/2019 with the comrades of the secretariat of the Peshmerga Society with special needs.


After clarifying the latest political developments in Iraq and the Kurdistan region and the last steps to organize the grand inside of the Patriotic Union and on the issue of holding the fourth conference of the party, Hama Jan said: The Patriotic Union has risen to the summit of freedom and liberation in the difficult stages of the blood of the immortal martyrs and courage and heroism of Peshmerga, adding that the Patriotic Union Like all other forces and parties, reform is needed despite all the gains it has made.


In another aspect of the...
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A Kurdish guy saves the lives of 6 people

A Kurdish guy from Raniya is called a hero for saving the lives of 6 people in UK.


A fire broke out in a car carrying six people on a road in the UK. At the time, a Kurdish g...

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Taimur of Anfal: Survivor of the Samawa mass graves

Taimur Abdulla Ahmed, known as Taimor of Anfal, is one of the survivors of the Anfal crimes committed by Saddam Hussein's regime against the people of Kurdistan in the 1980s.


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IPCC report: The world gets hungrier, but the land is exhausted – from us and from climate change

The UN's scientific body on climate change highlights in a new report the strong connection between land use and climate change. A radical change in the food system is key to people's livelihoods a...

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