The PUK stresses the need to strengthen the security situation in Khanaqin

The MP of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc, Sherko Mirwais met on Monday with Diyala Governor Muthanna al-Tamimi to discuss the security situation in Khanaqin district.


During the meeting, they discussed the security situation in Khanaqin district and the issue of burning agricultural crops for farmers and planting explosive devices. MP Sherko Mirwais called on administration of Diyala province for maximum efforts to address these problems and to enhance the security situation in general.


MP Sherko Mirwais also called on the security forces to be vigilant and stand firmly against any plan aimed at sabotaging security and stability in the region and said: Khanaqin needs many service projects, so more efforts should be made to serve the c...
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Manus Governor demands action from Australia as Behrouz Boochani says self-harm has spiked

It is mid-morning and Chief Inspector David Yapu is sitting in his upstairs office at the Manus Police Headquarters, overlooking the ocean, when the call comes in.


Another su...

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