Kosrat Rasul: The PUK is fighting for freedom and democracy

Mr. Kosert Rasul Ali, Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, received in the city of Sulaymaniyah, a number of Kurd, Arab, and European politicians, academics, university professors, and researchers.


During the meeting, which was attended by Qadir Hama Jan and Saadi Ahmed Pira, members of the political bureau and intellectual and senior politician, Omer Sheikhmoos, discussed the political situation in Iraq, Kurdistan and the region and the role of Kurds in political equations.


During the meeting, Mr. Kosrat Rasul Ali explained the vision of the PUK and stressed that the PUK fought and will fight for peace, freedom, and democracy.


In another aspect of the meeting, the attendees discussed the lates...
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Photo... Australian Kurds demonstrate in support of Western Kurdistan

Thursday, 17, 10, 2019, Several Australian Kurds demonstrated in Sydney, Australia, in front of the Turkish Consulate in Sydney, calling for an end to the Turkish attacks on western Kurdistan.


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