Kurdish woman fulfills her dream in opening her own business

The economic crises that the Kurdistan region is exposed to forced Kurdish women to find job opportunities or open projects to work side by side with men to provide for their family, and find their selves and realize their aspirations in all fields of life.


Chiro Askari, a Kurdish woman from Sulaymaniyah city, is one of those intelligent women who chose to fulfill her dream after a long wait, by opening a small food factory and providing job opportunities for a group of working women.


"My dream was to open my own business, and the dream was fulfilled by opening a small food supply factory that includes 6 women workers who prepare ready-made meals from Kibbeh, Borek, Potato Chap, and meat dough, and preparing various dishes bases on the deman...
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Kurdish woman stabbed to death by her husband in France

A 36-year-old woman in France was stabbed to death and the country's police arrested her husband on charges of murder.


"On the morning of 31-3-2021, a man was arrested on cha...

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