Decorative Lights Contain Harmful Substances, Experts Warn

Decorative lights contain potentially harmful plasticizers whose concentrations exceed legal limits, said an environmental organization.


The Germany-based Friends of the Earth organization has recently assigned a laboratory to test four types of decorative lights to see if they contain harmful phthalates and chlorinated paraffins. The tested lamps were bought from online vendors.


"In three of four tested decorative lights, scientists found high concentrations, up to 27 percent, of these harmful substances," the organization said in a statement, noting that these quantities violate the EU law.


According to the German organization, plasticizers - chemicals added to plastic and other materials to promote plasticity and fl...
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A Kurdish man murdered in Nashville

Kurdish man Nashwan Malaka was fatally shot inside the Newroz Market on Elysian Fields Court where he worked Thursday night in south Nashville.


The 32-year-old father of two ...

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