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Sulaymaniyah: Seven Colors Center holds an exhibition to local, international artists

The Seven Colors Center in Sulaymaniyah, in cooperation with the Salah Haymani Museum, held an exhibition for a number of international, Iraqi, and Kurdish artists in the Hall of the National Museum Amna Surka. 


The art of 44 international artists have been exhibited, including (Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Shakal, Miro, Paul Gauguin, Paul Klee, Paul Cézanne, Marino Marini, Matisse) as well as displaying works by Iraqi artists (Ismail Fattah, Ismail Al-Sheikhly, Ali Talib, Naziha Selim, Fakher Muhammad, Asim Abdul Amir, Hassan Aboud, Muhammad Ghani Hekmat, Tamara Al-Anbari, Waddah Mahdi, Nabil Ali, Yusri Al-Abadi, Faeq Hassan, Lorna Selim). 


The exhibition also included works by Kurdish artists (Ali Karim, Qarni Jami...
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Germany: A Kurdish refugee gets killed by another Arab refugee

The Summit Foundation in Kurdistan Region announced on Wednesday that a Kurdish refugee got killed by another Arab refugee in one of the camps in Germany.


In a statement, the...

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UNICEF calls on world governments to bring students back to schools

The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) launched a campaign to bring students back to school, warning that education suffers from a global crisis due to the covid pandem...

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