Iraqi President affirms desire to develop relations with Asian countries, Russia

Iraq 12:28 PM - 2023-01-24
 Iraqi President among ambassadors of the Asian countries and Russia Iraqi President's Media Office

Iraqi President among ambassadors of the Asian countries and Russia

At the Baghdad Palace, Iraqi President Abdullatif Jamal Rashid met with a number of ambassadors from Asian nations and Russia.

At the opening of the meeting, the Iraqi President greeted the ambassadors and emphasized the significance of developing collaboration between Iraq and their respective nations in order to realize the aspirations of the peoples.

Indicating that "this is a message that I hope you will carry to your countries," he also shed light on the new era Iraq is currently enjoying, one devoid of terrorism, violence, and war.

In this regard, the Iraqi president stated that Nineveh Governorate and all other governorates are now experiencing security stability and that service and health institutions are thriving. Similarly, Baghdad, the capital, is secure and stable.

President Rashid stated, "Our relations with our neighbors are good, and we have good connections with Turkey, but we have lingering issues connected to borders and our water share, and we hope that these issues can be resolved in a manner that improves relations between the two nations."

President Rashid also discussed his participation in the Davos Economic Conference, noting that presidents, leaders, and politicians expressed their desire to establish strong relations with Iraq during their meetings, as was the case when he attended the climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh and the Arab summit in Algeria, where the presidents voiced their support for Iraq's efforts to consolidate security and stability.

He added that the current Iraqi government has a comprehensive program to boost the standard of living and services, noting that the budget will soon be approved and that we have programs to solve the housing problem, as well as strategic plans to build the industrial city, complete the large port of Faw, and other initiatives for oil and gas production.

The President of the Republic also addressed the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region, noting that the two sides share a desire to develop radical solutions to outstanding issues in accordance with the constitution and the law and that relations between the two are positive.

In turn, the ambassadors of the countries expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the Iraqi President for the warm welcome, emphasizing the eagerness of their countries and their desire to consolidate the bonds of relations at all levels.


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