Kurdish farmers in Kirkuk relieved after their lands saved by PUK's efforts

Kurdistan 12:44 PM - 2022-08-06

After the Iraqi army forces created obstacles for Kurdish farmers in the Sargaran sub-district of Dibis district, Kirkuk Governorate, an official from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) intervened and solved their issue.

Mohammed Amin, a representative of a group of Kurdish farmers in Sargaran, told PUKmedia: “After informing Aso Mamend, the supervisor of PUK's center in Kirkuk, he contacted the Iraqi Joint Operations Command (JOC) in the province and after this, the JOC told us that the issue is solved and that we can resume our agricultural work.

“The resettled Arabs create problems for us all the time, whether in courts or via the Iraqi forces, but we have not been willing to give them a piece of our lands that we regained after they were confiscated by the fallen Ba'ath regime for decades," he added.

Kirkuk is one of the territories disputed between the Iraqi Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, which are Kurdish areas in Northern Iraq and are regions defined by article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution s being Arabized during the fallen Ba'ath regime's rule in the country.

Kurdish farmers in these regions often face threats of losing their regained agricultural land to resettled Arabs who took their lands during the Ba'ath regime's rule.

Moreover, Kurdish farmers' agricultural lands in the disputed areas are even subjected to deliberate arson and burning by unknown people.

Reported by Mohammed Ahmad 

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