Bafel Talabani meets with U.S. Ambassador to Iraq in Erbil

Kurdistan 10:09 PM - 2021-10-25

On Monday, Bafel Talabani, PUK's co-President, met with Matthew Tueller, US Ambassador to Iraq.

In a meeting, Talabani and Tueller discussed the latest political developments, the situation after the elections in Iraq, and PUK's improvements. 

Moreover, the two sides agreed on a dialogue based on protecting the rights of all nations, reforming institutions, and forming an inclusive government that will lead to greater service, reconstruction, and stability.

Bafel Talabani stated that despite his disagreements on the election and the result, "we can work willingly to form a government that reflects the complaints, protests, and needs of Iraq and Kurdistan region,"

"All parties must work to ensure that the authority must serve, make reforms, and fight corruption, and it also must not let political conflicts affect the future government for a party's interest," he continued.

Bafel Talabani said: "As Kurds, we have to reconcile ourselves and agree with the Iraqi parties based on mutual life, partnership, and agreement in which the public interest is taken into account and to form a government that is with our expectations."

"At the moment, PUK is reorganizing itself, and we want to build a PUK based on Mam Jalal's path and to be at the level of the sacrifices that those made for PUK. Therefore the changes and reforms were for this purpose, and we will continue to make PUK for all people, also to serve and revitalize the Kurdistan Region," Talabani affirmed.


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