Kurdish referee in Qatar to oversee Asian Table Tennis Championship games

Sport 10:36 AM - 2021-09-28

Fuad Abdul Muhsin is a prominent Kurdish referee who oversaw table tennis matches in Kurdistan and Iraq, will also take part in the Asian Table Tennis Championship 2021.

Abdul Muhsin is a resident of Erbil city and has been an international referee for many years. He has managed several Iraqi championships.

He arrived in the Qatari capital Doha on Monday to run the Asian Championship matches.

Abdul Muhsin holds an international certificate for eleven years and has opened many refereeing courses and translated many rules of the game into Kurdish.

The 2021 Asian Table tennis Championship will kick off in Doha, Qatar this week with a Kurdish player amongst the many nationals participating. 

The Kurdish athlete Zhiar Nawzad will be competing in the championships, where the world's top players are participating. 

Nawzad is a player of the Ashti club and has been playing for Iraq for several years. He has previously participated in the West Asian Championships.


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