Qubad Talabani: Solution to problems is in Baghdad, not Erbil

P.U.K 11:04 PM - 2021-09-18

On Saturday, Qubad Talabani, President of the Kurdistan Coalition, confirmed the continuation of work to balance the public and private sectors, pointing out that the election campaigns are going quietly.

During a direct dialogue with a group of young people, Talabani said: "We are stronger together and we will work in Baghdad for our people and to strengthen the entity of the Kurdistan Region," explaining that the solution to problems is in Baghdad and not in Erbil.

"The Kurdistan Coalition works for unity, stability and salaries," he added, noting that "there are political risks to the Kurdistan Region, with parties trying to change the constitution, and expelling residents of the disputed areas.

The areas disputed between the Erbil and Baghdad are originally Kurdish areas defined by Article 140 of Iraq's constitution as being Arabized during the Baath regime rule in Iraq.

Talabani also indicated, that "the Kurdistan Region has many wealth and youth are its most important sources", pointing out that the electoral campaigns are going quietly and the security forces are working to protect the Kurdistan Region and implement the laws.

The President of the Kurdistan Coalition, Qubad Talabani, confirmed the existence of a draft project to protect the rights of employees, noting that the things are currently heading towards finding a balance between the public and private sector by ensuring privileges for employees.

It is noteworthy that the PUK and Gorran formed the  Kurdistan Coalition list last May. The Coalition is headed by Qubad Talabani, who is currently the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Iraq will hold elections on October 10, ahead of schedule. Early elections were one of the demands of the protesters who took to the Iraqi streets in October 2019 to vent their anger and frustration at the government's inability to fight corruption and provide them with security and stability.  


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