Khalid Shwani: We have a new vision for Kirkuk following the elections

P.U.K 05:30 PM - 2021-09-18

Khalid Shwani, supervisor of the Kurdistan Coalition's campaign in Kirkuk, confirmed that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has a new vision for the Kirkuk governorate following the elections.

Khalid Shwani met on Saturday with candidate of the Kurdistan Coalition in Kirkuk and a number of Arab and Turkmen figures in the governorate.

During the meetings, Shwani touched on the importance of the elections that will take place on October 10, and the role of the PUK in serving the people of Kirkuk, and their peaceful coexistence among them.

Shwani stressed following the late President Mam Jalal's successful policy for peace and coexistence in Iraq, noting that the PUK provided many services to Kirkuk and its people in the past.

He also pointed out that "the bad conditions in Kirkuk after 2017, in terms of political, security, administrative and service, do not serve the Kirkuk people," 

"As the PUK, we have a new vision for Kirkuk after the elections, we hope to have a joint administration to serve all components of Kirkuk without discrimination," Shwani said.

Shwani also touched on the dangers of the Arabization processed that is being practiced in Kirkuk now by some parties, stressing the rejection of the Arabization policy in Kirkuk, calling on Arab and Turkmen figures to support the Kurdistan Coalition and its candidates in order to better serve Kirkuk in the future.

What makes Kirkuk so important for the Kurds is that this area, now ruled by the Iraqi Government, is originally a Kurdish territory defined by Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution as being Arabized during the Baath regime rule in Iraq. The Arabization process is still continuing to this day but in different forms.

It is noteworthy that the PUK and Gorran formed the  Kurdistan Coalition list last May. The Coalition is headed by Qubad Talabani, who is currently the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Iraq will hold elections on October 10, ahead of schedule. Early elections were one of the demands of the protesters who took to the Iraqi streets in October 2019 to vent their anger and frustration at the government's inability to fight corruption and provide them with security and stability.  


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