Shukri Sarhad's perpetrator is arrested

Kurdistan 02:15 PM - 2021-09-18

Under direct orders from Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, a joint operation was established at the Regional Security Agency to search for the suspects of the past two days.

The joint operation was formed by the Intelligence Agency (Zanyari), the Slemani Provincial Security Directorate, the General Directorate of Counterterrorism, and the Slemani Police Directorate.

The Joint operation was formed to search for the suspects of the past two days, and In less than 24 hours, they arrested the perpetrator.

The perpetrator shot and injured someone on 16th September, and on 17th September, he killed Shukri Sarhad.

After his arrest, the perpetrator was brought to court to receive his penalty.

The joint operation announced that Slemani is peaceful and is protected by the security forces, and it is a city for all the different races and ideologies.


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