PUK, National Coalition discuss reform, Iraqi elections

Kurdistan 09:52 PM - 2021-09-16

On Thursday, a high-level delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the National Coalition met, in the presence of the Co-President of the Patriotic Union, Bafel Talabani, and the head of the National Coalition, Aram Qadir.

The two sides discussed many important topics that are related to the peoples of Kurdistan and Iraq, as well as supporting and defending the reform process in all the administrative and legal sites.

The two parties also agreed to exchange views and coordinate on political issues of interest to both parties.

The two sides also agreed to work for the success of the elections process and to emphasize the holding of fair elections.

In another aspect of the meeting another aspect of the meeting was the emphasis on building a modern political system based on justice and the guarantee of human rights.


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