Iraq Football Association elects president and his deputies

Sport 01:31 PM - 2021-09-14

Iraq's Football Association has elected its president and deputy presidents on Tuesday in Baghdad.

During the ceremony, Adnan Dirjal won the presidency with the majority of votes of the members of the association. He will be president of the association for the next four years.

Meanwhile, both Ali Jabbar and Younis Mahmud were also elected as the first and second deputy presidents.

All members of the association are scheduled to be elected on Tuesday.

The Iraq Football Association is the governing body of football in Iraq, controlling the Iraqi national team and the Iraqi Premier League.

The Iraqi Football Association was founded in 1948 and has been a member of FIFA since 1950, the Asian Football Confederation since 1970, and the Sub-confederation regional body West Asian Football Federation since 2001.

Iraq also is part of the Union of Arab Football Associations and has been a member since 1974. The Iraqi team is commonly known as Usood Al-Rafidain, which means Lions of Mesopotamia.


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