Early elections: Campaigns.. Guarantees.. Stronger Together

Iraq 12:12 PM - 2021-09-13

Early elections are approaching in Iraq which means that election campaigns are heating up in the country with colorful promises of providing a better future for Iraqis.

Meanwhile, analysts and experts in electoral affairs emphasize the importance of the elections, noting that the results depend on the percentage of participation and that the new government would solve all problems of Iraq, including outstanding issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi government, as confirmed by the President of the Kurdistan Coalition, Qubad Talabani.

It is noteworthy that The PUK and Gorran formed the  Kurdistan Coalition list last May to participate in the upcoming elections together. The Coalition is headed by Qubad Talabani, who is currently the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Iraq will hold elections on October 10, ahead of schedule. Early elections were one of the demands of the protesters who took to the Iraqi streets in October 2019 to vent their anger and frustration at the government's inability to fight corruption and provide them with security and stability. 

'Stronger Together' to solve issues between Erbil and Baghdad

Researcher and legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi told PUKmedia, that "the upcoming elections are important for the future of the country and further improvement of relations between the Iraqi government and the KRG, especially in tackling problems such as Article 140 of the Constitution which was not implemented in 2007."

"All of this can be done by consensus and on the bases of law, there are also other problems like the budget and the oil and gas law," he said, pointing out that "these problems will likely be solved after the elections which are held under international supervision."

Qubad Talabani, President of Kurdistan Coalition, in Kirkuk to launch the coalition's campaign

The main banner of the Kurdistan Coalition, the PUK and Gorran's Coalition, is 'Stronger Together' which means that problems can be solved together by strengthening the position of the Kurds in Baghdad, as well as solving the issues of Iraq, ending terrorism, and supporting the young men and women of Iraq to have a better life.

"The Kurdistan Coalition will work to end all problems as it is formed between two major forces which the PUK and Gorran," the President of the Kurdistan Coalition Qubad Talabani emphasized.

"Kirkuk is the key to solving problems," he said.

Talabani also said: "Only Kurdistan Coalition has opposed any discrimination toward the people of Kirkuk, so I am sure that only Kurdistan Coalition candidates will defend the rights of the citizens of Kirkuk and other disputed areas."

What makes Kirkuk so important for the Kurds is that this area, now ruled by the Iraqi Government, is a major part of the disputed territories which are originally Kurdish regions defined by Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution as being Arabized during the Baath regime rule in Iraq. The Arabization process is still continuing to this day but in different forms.

Talabani also called on all government officials to work on implementing the Kurdistan Coalition program in implementing their tasks to serve citizens, and said: "A large part of the problems in the Kurdistan Region are addressed in Baghdad, especially the budget file and financial dues for employees."

"We are facing an important test, and this Coalition demonstrates the dream and vision of the late President Mam Jalal and Nawshirwan Mustafa, so we must work to bring success to this Coalition and realize that great dream," he added.

"We must work for the participation of the largest number of voters in the upcoming elections. The unity of the PUK and Gorran in the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad will have an impact on improving the level of service provision and consolidating the legitimate rights of the people of Kurdistan," he explained.

Qubad Talabani, President of Kurdistan Coalition, meeting with youth of Chamchamal 

Kurdistan Coalition President affirms support for athletes

Qubad Talabani, President of the Kurdistan Coalition, emphasized the need for athletes, artists, and thinkers to be stars of society, not politicians.

"I have always said and I say it again: Athletes, artists, and thinkers should be stars of our society, not politicians," Qubad Talabani said on his personal page on Facebook:

"What an athlete achieves for his people by winning a match, a politician cannot achieve in so many years," he added.

Talabani had previously met with the Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports Adnan Darjal in Slemani where they promised to launch several public projects in the near future to improve the conditions of youth and develop the sports sector.

Qubad Talabani, President of Kurdistan Coalition, at Chamchamal monument

Qubad Talabani: We will defend our constitutional rights from Baghdad

Qubad Talabani, President of the Kurdistan Coalition, emphasized the need to send a strong team to Baghdad to defend the rights of the people of Kurdistan.

As part of the Kurdistan Coalition's electoral campaign, Talabani visited Chamchamal town of Slemani Governorate to meet with the people and present Kurdistan Coalition's program.

"We are here today because from here we see a deep wound on our people's body," Qubad Talabani said in his message to the Chamchamalis. 

"We are here today with the Kurdistan Coalition candidates to tell you that we will head to Baghdad from here to defend your rights and entitlements and provide you with services and stability," he added.

"The people of Kurdistan were subjected to Anfal campaigns because they demanded their rights. We were exposed to Anfal because we are Kurds and demanded our stolen rights. Today we have a constitution in Iraq that preserves the rights of Kurdistan, but this constitution is facing a great danger at the current stage as some parties want to take Iraq back to a central country and steal the rights of the people of Kurdistan," he continued.

"We can fight this scheme by sending a strong team to Baghdad from these candidates who are our sons and loyal to this country. With your support, we will send them to Baghdad to defend the Iraqi constitution and protect the rights of the people of Kurdistan to provide the budget, salaries, services, and stability, so we ask you once again to give confidence to our candidates to send a strong team to Baghdad," he said in conclusion.

Talabani also visited the Chamchamal monument and placed a wreath of flowers on the monument which represents the Anfal Campaign, one of Saddam regime's crimes against the Kurdish people. 

Electoral Commission: We are committed to the date of the elections 

Regarding the preparations of the Iraqi High Electoral Commission (IHEC), Electoral Commission, Jumana Al-Ghalai, spokesperson of the Commission, told PUKmedia, that "The commission is committed to the elections' date which is October 10."

Al-Ghalai noted that the offices and teams of the Commission continue their tasks in all governorates to ensure transparent and fair elections, with support from security authorities and coordination with the United Nations, and continuous support from the country's presidency and the premiership.

She also affirmed that the electoral process cannot be penetrated at all.

According to Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, more than 130 additional international experts will be monitoring the election who come around 600 supporting staff.

Election results depend on the participation rate

On the results of the elections, political analyst Ali Al-Baydar stressed that the results depend on participation rates. 

He emphasized, that "some politicians focus more on political crises than the peoples' crises, such as poverty, unemployment, lack of education and the low quality of life in Baghdad."

"The Iraqi passport is at the bottom of the world’s passports, and the drop in dollar prices are all challenges for the next government, which may be better than its predecessors due to increased awareness and popular pressure on the political system," he said.


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