President Bafel in London for Kurdistan

Opinions 02:23 PM - 2023-07-15


PUKMEDIA Editorial

Bafel Jalal Talabani, the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), has embarked on a significant visit to London. This visit is set to encompass a diverse array of engagements, including political discussions, diplomatic deliberations, and engaging public debates.

President Bafel was greeted with a heartfelt reception from the Kurdish diaspora residing in the United Kingdom, a customary tradition for the esteemed leader. In a surprising turn of events, individuals who had joined a political party with the sole intention of reaping financial benefits found themselves unable to tolerate the warm reception he had initially received, as it reopened their wound from "hurling eggs" in the same capital. Just two days later, these individuals claim that protests took place near the hotel where President Bafel was residing.

In his statements, the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) expressed his perspective on the nature of demonstrations in the region. President believes that protests are a natural occurrence, as he actively engages with demonstrators, attentively listens to their concerns, and strives to identify viable solutions for the people of Kurdistan. In a remarkable display of solidarity, the student protests have become living examples of this fact. Recently, just before his departure to London, President Bafel took the time to sit down with the students in Dabashan, commending them for their remarkable accomplishments.

Why is the President of the PUK in London?
Despite that, those group of individuals who harbored resentment and responded to President Bafel's visit bitterly because they couldn't take hearing the news of his visit and struggled to accept different viewpoints wasted no time in launching a barrage of criticism, accusations, and spreading false information. These individuals resorted to creating fabricated demonstrations and disseminating fake news stories to further their agenda.

However, President Bafel is currently in London on the sole mission to elucidate the political landscape, governance, and realities of the Kurdistan Region to both international entities and the Kurdish diaspora. He has shed light on the concerning state of affairs in London, drawing parallels to a previous incident in Pirmam, and has expressed the urgent need for a stage that prioritizes the well-being of citizens and rectifies the detrimental flaws within the political process and governance of the nation. Nonetheless, it seems that there are certain individuals in London who are acting as mercenaries, actively seeking to distort and dismantle these efforts.

PUK President Vows to Champion Public Welfare and Transparency In a resolute stance and has declared his unwavering commitment to fighting for the welfare of the populace. Emphasizing the need to defend the high interests of the people, he has pledged to lead by example, with no hidden agenda or ulterior motives. 

Addressing the pressing issues faced by the Kurdistan Region, the President has expressed his determination to combat failures and their subsequent concealment. By doing so, he aims to ensure that the region does not fall victim to small-scale, private games that could hinder its progress. With a strong focus on transparency and accountability, the PUK President's words reflect his dedication to serving the public and safeguarding their interests. His unwavering resolve to fight for the betterment of the populace signals a renewed commitment to building a prosperous future for the Kurdistan Region.


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