Baghdad is the center point for solutions

Opinions 03:07 PM - 2022-12-07
 Rebin Omar

Rebin Omar

Today, Bafel Talabani serves as the head of chairing the meetings. The cycle of President Mam Jalal's home is once more returning to normal. Following President Mam Jalal's example, it has once more evolved into a gathering place for Iraqi leaders to discuss and resolve problems. Iraqis will congregate at Mam's home to discuss their differences and find amicable solutions.

President Bafel Jalal Talabani represents the Kurdish cause in Baghdad, in addition to serving as a party leader. He does well as a Kurdish politician and diplomat in Baghdad, where he resists isolation and is searching for a resolution.

Not the capitals of other nations, but Baghdad is now the focal point for resolving the problem.

President Bafel's persistent actions demonstrate how a strong Kurdish presence in Iraq may preserve the country's political equilibrium, address their issues in the capital, stop Sulaimani from being suppressed, and prevent the Kurds from being marginalized on the political scene in Iraq.

Rebin Omar



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