Kurdish athlete wins gold medal in the Iraqi Clubs Athletics Championship

A Kurdish athlete from Khanaqin won the gold medal in the high jump event of the Iraqi Clubs Athletics Championship.


Barham Ahmed Sarhan, a Kurdish athlete from Khanaqin Sports Club, said during a special statement to PUKmedia, on Sunday, that he won the gold medal for Khanaqin Sports Club in the high jump event.


He added that about 146 competitors from all groups participated in the Iraq Clubs Athletics Championship, which was held at the Jadriya Sports Club Stadium in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, indicating that after intense competitions, he managed to win first place for the junior category of the game.


The athlete also confirmed that he will continue his sports career and that he aspires to win more gold medals.


Sarhan was born in 2004 and he is a student at the Institute of Physical Education in Khanaqin.





5/4/2021 10:42:00