PUK co-leaders: Dialogue needed to provide a solid ground for trust

Today, at Sulaymaniyah International Airport, co-leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Lahur Shaikh Jangi welcomed a high delegation from the Iraqi Alliance, headed by his Eminence Ammar Al-Hakim, Head of the Hikma Movement.


Ammar Al-Hakim later paid a visit to Mam Jalal’s grave where he laid a wreath.


His Eminence wrote in the visitors’ book and praised President Mam Jalal’s historic role and political status.


Later, in a meeting at Dabashan, joined by PUK's co-leader Bafel Talabani and a number of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) politburo members, both sides discussed the latest political developments and changes in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and the need to accelerate efforts to overcome the current crisis’ in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region by laying out appropriate plans in addition to ways in which both parties can expand their historic relations.


The co-leaders stressed on the importance of the participation of all the Kurdish, Shia, and Sunni factions, who play a vital role in the political process, and who have a real interest in expanding the democratic process in the country.


The co-leaders praised his Eminence, Ammar Al-Hakim’s role in assisting to settle the outstanding issues and bringing the diverse views closer together.


PUK's leadership asked Al-Hakim to continue his efforts to resolve these problems, especially the issue of the budget and to provide the Kurdistan Region’s civil servant salaries which is considered a priority for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.


Both co-leaders reiterated the PUK’s intention for continuous relations with its main allies, and in this circumstance, the leadership encourages all the factions to be cooperative and engage in dialogue seriously to better defend democracy and federalism in Iraq, taking into account the protection and guarantee of the rights of the Kurdish people.


In this regard, the leadership mentioned the role of the PUK in accelerating the efforts with the rest of the Iraqi and Kurdistani factions to pave the way for constructive dialogue between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to secure the salaries of the civil servants of the Kurdistan Region and remove the obstacles in the way of reaching a final agreement within the framework of the constitution.


The co-leaders also stated that open dialogue should be established based on a strong foundation of trust and that personal interests and political conflicts should be removed so that the livelihoods of citizens will no longer be sacrificed for these conflicts.


For his part, Ammar al-Hakim referred to the historical and solid relations with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which were established by the martyr of the Mihrab and the late President Mam Jalal, with great and important steps, calling for the continuation of those relations praising the role and importance of the role of the Presidency of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in this sensitive stage In order to prevent problems from escalating, resolve differences, and bridge visions and opinions





20/2/2021 16:33:00