Monograph by doctor from Kurdistan Hasan al Rifaie has just been released in Poland

Another achievement of scientist from Kurdistan studying in Poland. Publishing House of Poznan University of Technology has just released book by doctor Hasan al-Rifaie entitled: “Application of Passive Damping Systems in Blast Resistant Gates”, based on a doctoral dissertation, successfully defended in the spring of this year by Dr. Hasan at the Poznan University of Technology.


Hasan al-Rifaie, after obtaining the title of doctor, remained at the Poznan University of Technology as an assistant professor. He intends to continue his research and declares his willingness to support KRG Representation in Poland in developing cooperation between the PoznaƄ University of Technology and Kurdish universities.


KRG representation in Poland congratulated Dr. Hasan for his achievement and we have a great hope in him that in the future he will make greater achievements. making cooperation between Polish and Kurdish universities are in the top priority list of KRG representative in Poland's agenda.



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20/10/2019 10:28:00