Abdul Mahdi: Investigations are not over on the attacks on the crowd

Federal Prime Minister, Adil Abdul Mahdi has revealed the specific issues in the ongoing investigations on the recent attacks on weapons stores belonging to the Hashd al-Shaabi forces.


Mahdi said during a meeting with a group of media on Wednesday evening before leaving China: "Investigations into the recent attacks on some weapons storage sites in Iraq are not over," and "There are those who talked that Israel is behind the recent attacks on some weapons storage sites."


He added: "There are those who invited us to go to the Security Council, but the Security Council is not use only press reports, but wants evidence, and we have no evidence to indicate that a specific party carried out these attacks."


He said: "If we were a revolutionary organization, we could have had another response, but we are acting as a state," and "There are many hostile parties in their interest to shuffle the cards and create chaos, such as the MEK, or anti-regime actors here in Iraq."


Abdul-Mahdi said: "Iraqi delegations went to various countries that have capabilities in the field of air defense, and there is work and effort to develop Iraq's capabilities in this area, and a complete redefinition of the Iraqi military doctrine."


He said: "Iraq and if it turns into an arena of conflict again, it may ignite the world, because it is an arena where the adversaries breathe and search for participants close to the views, and maintains balanced relations with everyone and friendships with all."




19/9/2019 11:38:00