Arab League approves Iraq proposal on displaced people

The Federal Ministry of Displacement and Migration on Wednesday announced the Arab League's approval of Iraq's proposal on displaced people, stating that a joint committee would be formed to conclude an agreement.


"The members of the Ministerial Council for Arab States agreed to the proposal put forward by the Minister of Displacement and Migration, Nawfal Baha Mousa, on the conclusion of a joint agreement on internally displaced persons in the Arab region," ministry spokesman Ali Abbas Jhakir said in a statement received by PUKmedia.


He added: "The twelfth item was adopted within the resolutions of the Arab League Council during the meeting of the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers held on the tenth of September," adding that "this item provides for the mandate of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States to form a joint committee of experts and representatives of the Ministries of Justice and Interior to conclude a special Arab agreement to protect and assist IDPs in the Arab region."


"The ministry has formed an executive team to write the draft and the observations of the agreement as well as coordination with the Arab League in this regard," Jahakir said.




PUKmedia / Ministry of Immigration

18/9/2019 15:12:00