Pira: The Political Bureau will set the date for the congress

Saadi Ahmed Pira, a member of the Political Bureau of the Office of Public Relations of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, affirmed that the Political Bureau will determine the date of the fourth congress.


In a statement during a press conference, Saadi Pira said that the PUK's Political Bureau will set a date for the PUK’s fourth congress.


On the election of the governor of Kirkuk, he said: The election of the governor of Kirkuk is not only in the hands of the PUK and the PDK; it must be agreed with other parties, especially the federal government.


“The relations between the PUK and Turkey are very good and a representing PUK office in Ankara will soon be opened,” he said. 



PUKmedia Exclusive

25/8/2019 13:04:00