Two ISIS members arrested in Mosul

The Federal Interior Ministry announced on Monday the arrest of two members of the Islamic State terrorist organization in the Baaj district west of Mosul.


Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Saad Maan said in a statement that PUKmedia obtained a copy of it: The anti-crime office of Tal Afar of the Anti-Crime Directorate of Nineveh Police Command and based on accurate intelligence, arrested two members of the ISIS terrorist organization.


He added that the terrorists were working as fighters in the so-called Soldier's Office, one of them is SMF, who was a leader in ISIS gangs during the period of terrorist control of Mosul. 


He delivered his initial and judicial confessions by delivering the booby-trapped wheel that targeted the market of Tal Afar district in the 12th of 2018.


He pointed out that the second came with his preliminary confessions and judicial responsibility for the delivery of the car bomb, which targeted the market area of ​​Qayyarah in the tenth of 2018.


Maan continued: "They were arrested in the village of al-Jaghafi sub-district Baaj west of the city of Mosul."







19/8/2019 23:11:00