Adil Abdul Mahdi inspects the Falcon camp

Prime Minister, Adil Abdul Mahdi inspected the site of the explosion of materiel in Falcon camp, accompanied by the Minister of Interior and leaders of Hashd Al- Shaabi.


The Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement: Abdul Mahdi was briefed on the reality of the incident and the measures taken after the explosions that took place yesterday in the materiel stores and listened to the initial reports from various parties. He also reviewed a report on the number of injuries suffered by citizens and to check on the safety of their conditions. He ordered the Armed Forces Commander to follow up the case of the citizen who was martyred as a result of the fall of the projectiles and to provide the necessary compensation to his family.


The statement added that the Prime Minister directed the completion of investigations to find out the causes of the incident, and issued directives to put integrated arrangements for all camps and warehouses of the armed forces in terms of safety measures and locations to prevent the recurrence of such unfortunate events, praising the role of the heroes of the armed forces and the Federal Police and the Hashd Al- Shaabi and Civil Defense for their dedication, and their work, which succeeded at dawn on Tuesday, by extinguishing fires, preventing the spread of fire, launching projectiles and controlling the situation completely.



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13/8/2019 13:55:00