Kosrat Rasul Calls on the Kurdistan Regional Government to serve its people

On the occasion of forming the new Kurdistan Region’s cabinet government, Kosrat Rasul Ali, Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan congratulated the Masses of Kurdistan.


In a congratulatory message he said: I warmly congratulate the masses of Kurdistan in general, and the honorable families of the martyrs and the masses of the PUK in particular, praising the people of Kurdistan’s endurance with the delay in the new government’s formation.


He added: With everyone’s efforts, we passed all of the obstacles and the 9th cabinet government of Kurdistan Region was formed. We hope for it to be a strong government with providing services and working for establishment of social justice, transparency in income and budgetary, and stability for the people of Kurdistan.


He also congratulated the new PM, Deputy PM, and the new Council of Ministers, hoping for them to put all of their efforts in providing national peace and stability for establishing a strong economic base within both Kurdistan Region and the disputed areas.



PUKmedia \ Media Office of Secretary General of the PUK

11/7/2019 22:41:00