The arrest of a group was providing information for ISIS in Mosul

The Military Intelligence Directorate announced on Thursday the arrest of a group that was providing information for ISIS in Mosul.


In a statement the Directorate said that "In a qualitative and accurate intelligence operation and continuous follow-up of the objectives, the units of the Military Intelligence Directorate in the 14th Brigade, in cooperation with the 2nd Battalion, the 50th Brigade succeeded in capturing a terrorist group in Al-Haj Ali area in the Qayara district of Mosul."


The Directorate added that "this group was providing information to ISIS terrorists on the members of the security services and their collaborators, which led to the immediate execution by these gangs," noting that "members of this group are wanted for the judicial arrest warrant under the provisions of Article 4 of terrorism."



PUKmedia \ Media Office of Military Intelligence 

11/7/2019 18:03:00