Who is the Speaker of the Parliament of Kurdistan?

In the history of Kurdistan and Iraq, it is been the first time that a woman could be able to receive the post of the speaker of the parliament of Kurdistan, and this is a great level for Middle Eastern community generally and Kurdistan- Iraq particularly reached where woman got a government position that manage all the decisions related to the will of people in the parliament of Kurdistan. In addition to that, taking a political position in the government with that importance is significant for a woman in Kurdistan and Iraq and it took great efforts by the Governmental and Nongovernmental organization in rising woman’s position to that level. This level deserves further greeting for it will encourage greater efforts by Women to reach in to the new and more developing stages.


Today, the Parliament for Kurdistan has chosen Rewaz Fayaq as the Speaker of Parliament as she was getting the majority of votes by the parliamentarian members as 72.


Rewaz Fayaq Hussein was born in 1-1-1977 in the Kalar district in the city of Sulaymaniyah, and she was the member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and has the doctorate in civil law and investment law. Also, she was the member of the industry, energy, and natural resources’ committee, and legal affair committee.


She worked as an investigator in the Darbandikhan court, Head for the Law Department in Technical Institute of Sulaimani, and professor in Technical Institute of Sulaimani, a member of the No 4th of the Parliament of Kurdistan, and she is chosen as the Speaker of the Parliament of Kurdistan in July 11 of 2019 by getting the majority of votes.



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11/7/2019 13:28:00