Kurdistan Parliament names the new KRG president

It is scheduled for the Parliament of Kurdistan to resume its eighth regular session today Tuesday, to name the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government.


In a statement, the Presidency of the Parliament of Kurdistan said: in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs (3, 2, 1) of Article 16 and paragraph (3) of Article (18) and paragraphs I and V of Article 54 and Articles (47, 52, 55, 56, 57) of the rules of procedure of the Parliament of Kurdistan - Iraq, the presidential decided that the work program of the eighth session of the spring legislative term for the first year of the fifth parliamentary session, which will be held at 11:00 am on Tuesday 11/6/2019 as follows:


The designation of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (3) of Article (56) of the amended Kurdistan Parliament’s elections law for the year 1992.



PUKmedia Follow-up

11/6/2019 10:19:00